Senior Secondry school Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi
                          ( Affiliation No. 2131478)

                                                                From the Principal's Desk

"Education is not only a source of livelihood, but is an important tool to carve the life successful.
At Charkuka GPS, we believe that education must encourage the pupil to acquire it for overall development and in harnessing the inborn potential of every child and equip one to face the varied challenges of life with acquired virtual knowledge.
We believe that education must not be the sack of load but a source of real joy and happiness. And if there is joy in learning and happiness in gaining knowledge, it will remain with the soul forever.
We believe in providing an amicable environment to nurture the pupil to acquire real knowledge to achieve the highest levels of distinction in academics and personal growth by making learning an enjoyable and life-long experience. To develop brain faculties to the full extent, we conduct and organize different literary, co-curricular, and health improving activities to enable students to be fit both on mind, body and soul level.
We believe in Yoda's maxim "Do or do not. There is no try". Therefore our teachers remain very cautious to impart virtual knowledge as they know that the ultimate results depend on what happens in the class room… between teachers and students; and we endeavour to discover the right direction to combat the energy-draining pressure and frustrations of class-teaching to make learning a matter of joy.
Since excellence in any sphere depends on the clarity of vision, our visionary staff always strive for providence of compassionate, safe, tranquil, stimulating and intellectually challenging environment, where all students  have equal opportunity to: Acquire habits of curiosity, reflection, mental flexibility, independence and self-discipline; Attain skills and attitudes for life in a rapidly changing world; Develop a respect and concern towards the environment; Identify and fulfil academic, cultural, sporting and social potential through multiple paths to learning; Imbibe universal values; and Maintain openness and respect in the face of racial, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity to be true global citizen.
At Charkula GPS, we  provides an education that enables the pupil to fulfil their potential through a variety of teaching models like Smart Boards, Workshops, programme of talks and seminars etc. We encourage our pupil to enable them think critically, synthesize and transform, experiment and create them nova one.
We emphasize enough on hands on practice; and practice material takes a range of forms including the completion of class work and/or preparation for an assessment, reading, writing, research and project work, mathematical problems, and so on. Education here goes far beyond the classroom. All students, without exception, encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities like Sport, Theatre, Music, Art and Craft, Community Service and educational trips and outings.
We believe that a good citizen is real asset of society, and we strive to transform our pupil to prove it.
We, along with our beloved pupils, are on the right golden path of excellence.

In your service,

Dr. Mahendra Saraswat
M.A., M.Com., C.A.I.I.B., B.Ed., D.B.H., Nt.D.
Charkula Global Public School - Radhakund
Chatikara Road, Mathura ( U.P)


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